Flashery Rotating Turntable - The Flashery

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Flashery Rotating Turntable

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The Flashery Rotating Turntablelets you present your products in full, 360- degree views and create attractive, awesome videos and photographs of your items from all angles.


  • Multiple purpose  - you can use it as a dynamic rotating display rack in stores to catch the attention of potential buyers, or use it to create illuminated photos and eye-catching videos highlighting your products.
  • Convenient on/off switch function for changing the direction of the rotation - rotates clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Equipped with an ultralight LED to illuminate your items.
  • Durable and stable at a loading capacity of up to 22 pounds or approximately 11 kilograms.

Please note that this turntable is compatible with the MediumLarge Lightbox.