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The Flash Cable

Want to Make Your Studio Lightbox Even Better?

This Flash Cable allows you to not only power your Studio Lightbox LED Lights, but it also allows you to adjust its brightness!

PERFECT LIGHTING -get the perfect brightness for your product when using The Flashery Studio Lightbox without the unflattering shadows and glares. The dimmer switch lets you adjust the brightness in just a few clicks to meet your preference.

CONVENIENT LIGHT SWITCH - Save battery by conveniently turning off the LED Lights while propping your product up, without having to remove the USB cable. In just one click, you can turn it on or off to save battery from your power bank.

LONGER CABLE - This LED Light Dimmer Switch has a longer USB cable so your power source can be safely be kept at a distance from your Flashery Studio Lightbox, without causing distraction or inconvenience.

Only compatible with small, medium and large lightbox.

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