Flashery Rotating Turntable - The Flashery

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Flashery Rotating Turntable

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 Want to show your products off in all its full 360° glory? Now, you can!

  • Measures 25 cm or 10 inches in diameter.
  • A versatile turntable that can be used to display your products in shop windows or racksas well as serve as a stable rotating base for taking photos and recording product videos.
  • Equipped with an ultra-bright LED to efficiently illuminate your products indoor or at night.
  • Easy light on and off with two rotational directions.
  • Safe and stable with up to 7 pounds (11kg) loading capacity. 
  • 110v



When photos just aren't enough anymore, impress your customers with an interactive product display and professional-quality product videos!

Please note that this turntable is compatible with the MediumLarge Lightbox.