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February 08, 2020 6 min read

“If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.”

– Claudia Adrienne Grandi

Planning for a wedding can be a time consuming task, and one of the most essential elements to this process, is the flower arrangement. To highlight different parts of your wedding ceremony, your wedding florist can bring forth fresh, innovative and creative floral designs to ensure a coherent and unique wedding style. The art of flower arrangement comes with its set of perks – think colorful bouquets, a fragrant ambiance and a garden of fresh flowers to experiment with. Here’s Billie, a talented floral artist giving us insight on starting her own business, and the wonderful experience she’s had ever since. You can grab a sneak peek of her latest floral collections on Etsy – Weddings by Billie.

Christmas Sola Holiday Centerpiece

Tell us aLittle about Yourself

“Every bride deserves her special day to be nothing but exceptional, extravagant and beautiful.”

“My journey began in 2014, in the beautiful South Lake Tahoe and it has been a growing experience ever since. I purchased a few items on Etsy, thought to myself – why don’t I just start my own store? Only a month ago I opened my own web store featuring all my flower collections. As a little girl, I’ve always loved weddings and I’ve spent most of my years imagining what it would be like to really experiment with my own art. I’ve always been an avid nature enthusiast, loving the outdoors and engaging in sport – right from snowmobiling, to camping and hiking. I live in the perfect place to enjoy a simple life that comes with its treasures, so I’m just a happy girl who’s working to make her dreams come to life.”

“It’s been a crazy, yet beautiful ride because I had initially started floral arrangement as a hobby, often assisting my friends with their weddings. Earlier in my years, I worked with a modelling agency, and have always been intrigued by the fashion industry. But once I left that part of my life behind, I started feeling there’s something missing. The creative boost was lacking, and I felt a void. It was emotional, and it took me some time to figure out where my creative energy should be channeled. As a floral artist, I’ve realized this is my niche especially since I adore making a bride to be, experience a wonderful wedding.”

Plum Blush Wedding Bouquet

“Every bride’s wedding, should be an unforgettable experience, and as a florist I could make that happen. The beauty that comes with intricate floral arrangements is aesthetically pleasing and I get my creative burst once I begin to experiment with colors, patterns, and anything that can make the design look better, more appealing and unique. It’s all about knowing what season works best, and understanding what your customer wants. I’m a people person, so communication is one of my biggest strengths. I’ve designed bridal bouquets, bridal hair accessories, trendy wreathes and colorful boutonnieres, based on the season and themes.”

Plum Purple Ivory Floral Crown

Give us a Short Description about Your Brand

“When I first started my business, I would often lie in bed worrying about getting the right clientele, or if I would be able to deliver to their expectations. But I love what I do, and once you’re in that creative zone, you only focus on bringing those designs to the table, with more enthusiasm. I’m a professional florist, with a local business specializing primarily in Sola Flower & Silk floral arrangements. This includes playing with collections like Hydrangea, blush flowers and experimenting with vintage, winter & spring themes, although there's much more on the platter. Our items are perfect for bridal showers, engagement parties, anniversary parties, baby showers, birthdays, baptisms etc.

Blush Champagne Ivory Sola Bouquet

“So here’s the great thing about working with silk floral arrangements – they’re years ahead of plastic bouquets, and preserve a beautiful texture. Silk flowers have a life like appearance, and unlike using only fresh collections, you can save up a lot. But to ensure every bride gets her everlasting memento on that special day, I love mixing fresh and silk flowers together for the big day. A lot of my customers come with their own set of worries, like damaged petals or needing to water those bouquets regularly. This is where I throw in a couple of ideas, because a convenient and more sustainable way to preserve your floral collection is by taking a middle path – less is better, simpler and easy to present.”

“I dye my own flowers using organic materials, and I adore playing around with colors, especially once the theme of the wedding is set. I’ve created floral designs that correspond with an ethnic wedding, and I’ve enjoyed the medley of flowers you can experiment with in different seasons, like for an autumn wedding. Sola wood flowers are a beautiful concept since it resonates deeply with natural hues. Sola wood flowers are handmade and we typically refer to them as skin flowers that are easy to shape, and craft. With tons of options for hand dying my Sola flowers, I can experiment with patterns, and color tones.”

Wheat Ivory Sola Bouquet

In What Ways Has the Flashery Studio Lightbox Helped You?

“My collection features a range of products, right from bridal bouquets to authentic boutonnieres. The center pieces for wedding ceremonies catch the most amount of attention, and I recently introduced a Christmas themed Sola flower center piece as part of my holiday collection.”

“To prompt a wider range of exposure in the floral industry, it’s important to portray your art just the right way.”

Dusty Blue Blush Sola Bouquet

“Each piece is unique, whether it’s a wedding garter set, or a corsage. And having had experience in the fashion industry, images speak louder than words! So I initially struggled to get my product photography skills in place, especially since the web store and Etsy, have their own specifications for the images I showcase for each floral product.”

Keepsake Sola Flower Centerpiece Arrangement

“The Flashery has been a blessing in disguise, because my images now have a clearer texture. It helps greatly with getting the lighting just right without worrying about shadows. It gives me a clean and detailed image that I can use on both of my sites. I cannot risk any of my items getting dirt or dust on them, but with the Flashery I don’t have to worry about the background setup, or the space I’m shooting these images. Right from multiple angles to having a clean space to work with, my images come out bright, brilliant and high quality.”

Anything Else You WouldLike Us To Know?

“I would love some marketing tips when it comes to product photography, and also in terms of reaching out to a wider audience. With Etsy changing their algorithms, it helps to get advice on e-commerce marketing & sales. I run my shop completely on my own, a one woman army! So right from conception, creating the designs, shipping to marketing the floral collections on Etsy, I do everything by myself.”

Would you recommend the Flashery to anyone else?


Finally, how do we reach out to you?

Dusty Blue Blush Sola Wood Bouquet

“I’m always available for orders, through my web store or through my social media page on Facebook – Weddings by Billie. I would like to specify, please contact me prior to ordering with your wedding dates. I’m open to ideas and focus on bringing a beautiful wedding to life with my floral decorations for every bride to be. Cheers!”


"Oh my word! IT'S ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love it!!!!!! I may or may not have tears running down my face right now.. You're the best! You just made me ten times more excited about my wedding! I was afraid with the budget I couldn't pull off a beautiful wedding. Thanks to you I've been proved wrong! What makes them even better is that they will stay beautiful!"

"Awesome! Thank you so much. I am so excited to see everything. I have to admit I'm not an Internet shopper but you have given me such excellent customer service. Again than you so much for helping me with my special day!"

"Billie did an amazing job!! Bouquets and boutonnieres came in perfect condition. And her turnaround time was amazing! She stayed in contact with me and made sure to give me what I was after. Couldn't be more pleased!!!"

"Billie designed a custom bouquet for me and it is STUNNING!! When I first inquired about a bouquet, I really didn't know what I wanted. Billie walked me through the entire process, patiently and professionally. She was incredibly helpful in suggesting different elements to make the bouquet not only beautiful, but functional for my needs (I need it to travel).

She sent me pictures all throughout the process so I could see the progression. But I must say, as lovely as it was in the pictures, that was nothing compared to how amazing it looked in person. And on top of all that, she works QUICK!! I think the turnaround time was about a week from when I placed the order to when it was in my hand. This will be a wonderful memento from our wedding. Thanks, Billie!"