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March 09, 2020 4 min read

High-quality product photos get potential customers onto your online store and are the first impression your customers get.

Your photos should be clear, crisp and eye-catching. Your product’s features should be well-represented in all angles.

Your product photo represents your business overall, and its quality speaks for your brand. A great product photo will make potential consumers think of trustworthiness and reliability more than any text description can.

If you have the budget you can hire professional services to ensure eye-catching studio- quality product photos. However, you can still take high-quality product photos 

 While a DSLR can give you that studio-quality finish with the right camera settings, keep in mind you don’t have to buy one right away. Most  Apple iPhones and androids can already do the trick. 

Here are a few factors to consider in taking high-quality images for your store:

1. DSLR camera settings for product photography- aperture, shutter speed, ISO.

Aperture determines how much light the camera lets in, and it is measured in f-stops. f-1.4 is the widest aperture in most cameras, and with every f-stop , the camera allows less light in.

how to take high quality images for your online store

For product photography, particularly those using white backgrounds, you can adjust aperture starting from f-8 , f-11 and work within that range. A small aperture means the lens are wide open, and a large aperture means the lens are smaller.  A small aperture(f1.4, f-2)  tends to give the subject a blurry focus as it tries to capture everything inside the frame. To take images that are sharper and in-focus, work your way from f-8, f-11, f-16.

It's important to use proper lighting when using these apertures. The image will be in sharp focus while the rest of the frame will be a little soft and blurry.

Shutter speed is the amount of time the lens is open. For product photography, a slower shutter speed is needed. Adjust accordingly until you reach an applicable brightness level.

ISO is the image sensor's sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO, the higher is the camera's sensitivity to light. A higher ISO creates a grainy appearance but will allow you to take photos indoors or in settings with less light.

However, in product photography, a lower ISO , usually the standard ISO 100 ) is ideal in most cases. A lower ISO will have a finer grain photo effect than a higher ISO. If you must, do not exceed beyond ISO 400. If you still have dark photos even if you already raised the ISO number, you may have insufficient lighting.

If your item has a lot of intricate details and features, it is best to take them in close-up shots. The focus should emphasize your item’s features. 

If you are selling a larger item, it is best to take photos from a distance so as to cover your item’s size, shape and highlights.

It is important to take product photos in all its angles for transparency and trustworthiness.


2. Take clear and crisp photos with the use of a tripod.

While blurring may give your product photo softer effect, it is best to take clear and crisp photos of your items to show it off in all its glory. If you rely on your hands, the slight movement your hand does to click the shot causes a softer or blurring effect.  A tripod stabilizes your pictures, eliminating the need to click the shutter, thus stabilizing the camera to produce clear and sharp photos.


3. Lighting

 In learning to take the best images for your online store, you must remember to take your photos in the best light possible. Bright lights emphasize all of your products’ features. The best lighting would be sunlight. Set up your items beside a window where natural light comes in. In contrast, fluorescent lighting makes your products look washed out and unappealing. In this case, it is good to invest in professional lighting systems that can correct indoor lighting.

A lightbox can do the trick of providing bright lights and diffusing light and shadows, creating quality images of your product photos. A set of professional lighting systems or a set of mini lamps can also do the trick, as it can mimic bright daylight.

 4. Backdrops

Choosing the right backdrop for your photos is also highly important. The backdrop should never take away attention and focus from the actual product. An ideal backdrop would be white or any neutral color.

 If your item is very small, such as a piece of costume jewelry, you can do a flat layout but the other items should never take attention away from the actual product. It is best that the flat layout can also tell a story.

5. Editing

If you don't have professional lighting systems, then just make sure to always edit your photos. Make them more appealing by using online apps for photo editing.

Always make sure to upload photos in the same size to make them look well-organized.

Creating high-quality images for your online store takes practice and basic photography knowhow. You must remember how to incorporate the basics with a dose of creativity to highlight your product features.