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How to Sell Like Crazy With Captivating Product Listings

October 26, 2020 5 min read

Have you ever wondered what makes a product sell like crazy?

What are the factors to be considered? How can you duplicate it for your products?

When it comes to e-commerce, it’s a hit and miss. Not every product can sell like hotcakes. One product may produce a huge profit with very little marketing while you may break even with one product you actively promote.

Fortunately, there are key elements you can focus on to maximize each product’s potential to sell like crazy. Let’s check it out!

Engaging Visuals

It’s no secret that our brains love visuals.

We can process images faster than text and it may give us more information about the product compared to reading about it. People scrolling through your website is more likely to see a product image before the product name so it is crucial we ensure we have captivating images for our product before we even create a listing.

But how do you take captivating visuals? 

Strictly Use HD Photos
Avoid the temptation to use sub-par photos just to get your listing up and running.

Having HD Photos not only helps your customers see your product vividly and make them drool over it, but it also affects your credibility as a seller.

Use Plenty of White Space
Sufficient white space in images helps the eyes to focus on what matters most. By using enough white space, you eliminate the noise that can possibly steal your customer’s attention away from your product.

If you’re having problems taking photos with a crisp white background, you can use a Studio Lightbox which solves this problem.

Use Lifestyle Shots
While it’s imperative to have a product image with a clean white background, it also pays to have a lifestyle shot, an image showing how your product can be used by the customer. This gives them a better context to imagine themselves in that situation. For example, take a photo of a woman wearing a dress, aside from the dress alone.

Add Videos
People’s preference in how they consume content varies from one person to another. While a couple of images can showcase the product in different angles, some people like videos better since it takes it on another level by allowing you to show how it can be used in real life.

Interesting and Persuasive Product Description

An interesting, detailed, and persuasive product description is one of the top factors that influence a customer to buy. That’s why you should take the time and effort into creating one that would resonate with your customers.

But what exactly goes into an interesting and persuasive product description?

Product Title / Name
Having a clear, straightforward, and simple product title, you make it easy for your readers to remember and immediately understand what your product is. Also, this can work in your favor in terms of SEO, but please don’t spam this with keywords or it will lose its value.

This is the first line they will read and it will dictate whether your whole copy is worth reading or not. No matter how good your copy is, with a poor headline, it won’t get read, and you might not be able to persuade the customer to buy.

First Sentence
The job of the headline is to get the first sentence read. Likewise, the job of the first sentence is to get the third sentence read and so on. After this, your customers will slowly enter a slippery slope where they can’t stop reading until they reach the part where you sell the product. So, keep it short, interesting, and most importantly, easy to read.

Bullet Points
The bullet points are your product’s highlight reels. They may not read your whole copy but if they get to the bullet points, they should be able to get a clear idea about your product. However, it’s important to note that you should use this opportunity to highlight the benefits (what it does for them) and not just the features (the specifications of the product).

People make buying decisions using emotions, and justify it by using logic. By the time they reach this part, they should already be persuaded emotionally using your headline, first few sentences, and the bullet points. Now, they’re ready to justify it so help them out by sharing as much information as possible about the product (dimensions, colors, weight, etc.), shipping information, and what the package includes.

A Strong Call To Action
We might not be aware of it, or might even deny it, but we like being held by the hand, and be lead to the right path. With writing your copy, it’s important for us to directly ask for the sale even when it’s obvious we want them to buy. Lead them by the hand, ask them to click the add to cart button, tell them to buy it now, and ideally combine it with a quick summary of the main benefit they will get if they do so.

Strong Social Proof

Social proof comes in many forms. In e-commerce, it usually involves ratings and reviews.

When you first launch your product, it is crucial to actively seek out honest reviews from your buyers. Many customers provide a review without being asked, however, not all of them will do that and it’s up to you to actively ask for it. If possible and necessary, try to give them an incentive to leave an honest review. But don’t just ask for their feedback, try if you can get them to send photos or even video testimonials.

This can then convince more people that they should buy it, too.

Feature Recommended Products

Not all customers who reach your product page will buy your product. However, instead of losing them forever, you can still try to keep them on your site a little longer and see something that suits their needs by featuring recommended products. While it should not be distracting their attention away from the current product page, make sure it is there for them to see in case they’re looking for something else.

If it’s an option for your website, try to feature products that complement that current product being shown, or is a close (but not identical which can cause indecision) variation, or lastly, anything that you think is relevant to the current product.

Optional: FAQs

Some products require a little bit more explanation to fully convince the buyer. This could be a guide on how to use, recommended applications, additional features, optional add-ons, or whatnot. Use this section to answer any possible objections and leave no room for doubt and speculation. By making your product listing as clear as possible and exerting a bit more effort in sharing resources or guides, you are eliminating reasons for them not to buy the product.

Creating a product listing that sells like crazy is not as simple as displaying it in a physical store window. It requires careful planning and attention to detail and while it takes time and effort, it definitely pays off.

By using this guide and focusing on these key factors, you can maximize the selling potential of your products and turning them into a massive profit.

Try it on your listings today!